Zaandam, Zaantheater: 03-02-2019

1 6:00 AM – 1:00 AM Literary Salon:

Tribute to the clandestine war magazine “Zaans groen”, which first appeared shortly before Christmas 1944. It was announced as “for and by Zaanse youths.” This magazine not only gives us a better understanding of Zaandam in wartime, but also offers a special insight into the early Zaanse cultural life in the 1940s.
Music by Dick Kattenburg (1919 – 1944): Tempo di Blues (piano solo), Blues and 2 Valses (piano quatre mains), Tap dance (piano quatre mains and tap dance), m.m.v. Lodewijk Crommelin (piano) and Marieke van der Ven (tap dance)

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