Wittem, Kloosterbibliotheek (Library of the Monastery): 12-04-2019

8:00 PM:  Concert lecture around ‘the Cossack Garden’ and ‘The Glow of Saint Petersburg’ by Jan Brokken, m.m.v. Ursula Schoch (violin). In 1975 Jan Brokken visited St. Petersburg for the first time, then called Leningrad. Communism was far from over. Now, forty years later, he returns to rediscover the city. His walks through past and present evoke the spirit of poets and dissidents, of madmen and geniuses, of desperate and loved ones, Achmatova, Mandelstam, Brodsky, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Nabokov, Berberova, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Stravinsky and many others. In The Glow of Saint Petersburg, Jan Brokken immerses the reader in the cultural richness of this city. During this concert lecture Jan Brokken talks about matching music choosing St Petersburg, Ursula and Marcel: works from work by Tchaikovski, Shostakovich, Prokovieff, Skrjabin, Glazunov, Rachmaninoff and Strawinsky.
Organization: Cultuurfonds Wittem, www.kloosterwittem.nl

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