Volterra (Italy), Villa Palagione

October 26 -29 : four day course ‘listening to classical music’ on the basis of  Bachs’ Welltempered Clavier

and Beethovens’ piano sonatas (respectively the Old and NewTestament of the piano repertoire)

Musica Classica: Capire meglio, ascoltare meglio, apprezzare di più… / Klassische Musik: Besser verstehen, mehr hören, mehr genießen …/ Classical Music: the more you understabd, the more you’ll hear, the more you’ll enjoy

Depending of the participants the course will be given in Italian, German and/or English

The lessons will be given on October 26,27 and 28 oktober (van 10 -12 am and 5-7 pm), on October 29 Marcel will give a closing concert with the Welltempered Clavier book I or book II

information on prices, reservations etc.: www.villa-palagione.org

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