Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg (Hertz Hall)

Concert lecture about Jan Brokken’s book ‘In the poet’s house’ about his friendship with the Russian pianist Yuri Egorov, who died in 1988 – during this concert lecture you can listen to music from J.S. Bach (Toccata from Partita nr.6), Brahms (Klavierstück op.118.2), Mendelssohn (Variations sérieuses), Schubert (Andante sostenuto from the Sonata in Bes gr. D960), Skrjabin (Vers la flamme), Prokovieff ( 4 Visions Fugitives), Debussy (… General Lavine eccentric) and Ravel (Oiseaux tristes)

BECAUSE OF COVID-19 THIS CONCERTLECTURE CAN BE FOLLOWED ONLY VIA LIVESTREAM – TICKETS À €10 AT  https://www.tivolivredenburg.nl/livestream-jan-brokken-marcel-worms/

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