Two new livestreamings by Marcel Worms: Mazurka’s by Chopin and Skrjabin


The Russian composer Alexander Skrjabin wrote very personal and innovative music. However his early works are clearly influenced by Chopin, although already in this first stage of his creative life his music is more extreme than that of his Polish colleague.  Chopin as well as Skrjabin composed a considerable number of Mazurka’s and in this program you can hear a selection from this part of their oeuvre. In this way we can hear the similarities as well as the differences in style of these composers who have been so extremely important for the pianorepertoire.

The links to the livestreamings are as follows:

11:00 a.m.:

8:00 p.m.:

Frederic Chopin (1810 – 1849)

Mazurka op.6 nr.1 (1830)

Mazurka op.6 nr.2 (1830)

Mazurka op.17 nr.4 (1832/33)

Mazurka op.24 nr.2 (1834/35)

Mazurka op.33 nr.1 (1837/38)

Mazurka op.33 nr.2 (1837/38)

Mazurka op.33 nr.3 (1837/38)

Alexander Skrjabin ( 1871 – 1915)

6 Mazurka’s op.3 (1888 – 1890)

Mazurka op.3 nr.1

Mazurka op. 3 nr.2

Mazurka op.3 nr. 3

Mazurka op.3 nr.7

Mazurka op.3 nr.9

Frédéric Chopin

Mazurka op.41 nr.4 (1839)

Mazurka op.50 nr.3 (1841-42)

Mazurka op.63 nr.3 (1846)

Mazurka KKHb5 nr.5 (?)

Alexander Skrjabin

Mazurka op.25 nr.2 (1898/99)

Mazurka op.25 nr.3 (1898/99)

Mazurka op.40 nr.1(1903)

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