Two New Livestreamings by Marcel Worms – Francis Poulenc: Monk and Bad Boy

The French composer Francis Poulenc has two opposite sites: a rebellious site and a more contemplative, religious site.

That’s why he is often characterized as moine et voyou, monk and bad boy at the same time.

The link to the livestreamings are as follows:

for the 11:00 livestreaming:

for the 8 p.m. livestreaming:

Francis Poulenc (1899 – 1963)

Suite for piano (1920)  

-Presto -Andante -Vif

Mélancolie (1940) 

From ‘Le Bal masqué (1952)



From ‘Les Biches’ (1924)



Presto in B flat major (1934) 

Intermezzo in A flat major (1943) 

15 Improvisations (complete, 1932 – 1958)  

-nr.1 in b minor.: Presto ritmico

-nr.2 in A flat major: Assez animé

-nr.3 in b minor: Presto très sec

-nr.4 in A flat major: Presto con fuoco

-nr.5 in a minor: Modéré mais sans lenteur

-nr.6 in B flat major: A toute vitesse

-nr.7 in C major: Modéré sans lenteur

-nr.8 in  minor: Presto

-nr.9 in D major: Presto possible

-nr.10 in F major: Modéré sans traîner

-nr.11 in g minor: Assez animé

-nr.12 in B flat major: Hommage to Schubert (Mouvement de

Valse à 1 temps)

-nr.13 in a minor: Allegretto commodo

-nr.14 in D flat major: Allegretto

-nr.15 in c  minor: Hommage to Edith Piaf: Très vite


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