Two new livestreamconcerts: ’50 Variations on a slow Waltz’ by the Belgian composer Stéphane Vande Ginste

The Belgian composer Stéphane Vande Ginste wrote a ‘Valse lente‘. a slow Waltz, on January 1 2018 and decided afterwards to compose a variation on this Waltz every week  the whole year long. After having composed 50 Variations he finished the work during the last week of the year with the reprise of the original Waltz. The result is an eclectic work in which jazzy variations, Habanera,  Elegy and Fugue alternate effortlessly with numerous crossovers of modern-classic and more popular music.

The piece has been dedicated to the French pianist Stéphane Taniel as well as to Marcel Worms. On October 18 2020  Marcel premiered the piece (duration ca.  50 minutes) at the Cultural Centre of Schoten, near Antwerp, in the presence of the composer.

As an appetizer you can listen to ‘La plus que lente’,  a slow waltz by Claude Debussy.

The links to Marcels YouTube Channel, that will enable you to listen to the livestreamings,  are as follows:

The link to the first livestreamconcert (11:00 a.m.) is

The link to the second livestreamconcert (8:00 p.m.) is

Information about the composer,Stéphane Vande Ginste, at


1.Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918) – La plus que lente (1910)

2.Stéphane Vande Ginste (*1971) – 50 variations on a Valse lente (slow waltz)(2018)

Theme: Valse lente

Variation 1: Scorrevole

Variation 2: Lento cantando

Variation 3: Grazioso

Variation 4: Allegro ritmico

Variation 5: Lento, molto rubato

Variation 6: Tempo di Habanera

Variation 7: Molto ritmico

Variation 8: Adagio misterioso

Variation 9: Molto allegro

Variation 10: Cantando

Variation 11: Easily

Variation 12: Lento, molto tristamente

Variation 13; Impetuoso

Variation 14: Con vigore

Variation 15: Religioso

Variation 16: Allegro burlesco

Vartiation 17: Quieto

Variation 18: Fugato

Variation 19: Dancing

Variation 20: Broad, singing

Variation 21: Lento espressivo

Variation 22: Tempo di Valzer

Variation 23: Molto allegro

Variation 24: Andante cantabile

Variatie 25: Vivace

Variation 26: Andante, poco rubato

Variation 27: Poco allegro

Variation 28: Molto tranquillo e rubato

Variation 29: Allegro con fuoco

Variation 30: Maestoso

Variation 31: Lento misterioso e rubato

Variation 32: Dancing

Variation 33: Andante rubato

Variation 34: Largo

Variation 35: Scherzando

Variation 36: Quasi recitando

Variation 37: Allegro giocoso

Variation 38: Lento misterioso

Variation 39: Presto

Variation 40: Tristamente, in memoriam Elvira Schabon

Variation 41: Molto rubato

Variation 42: Capriccioso

Variation 43: Un poco scherzando

Variation 44: Lento lugubre

Variation 45: Andante cantabile

Variation 46: Presto

Variation 47: Quasi recitativo, molto rubato

Variation 48: Giocoso

Variation 49: Maestoso

Variation 50: Molto cantando

Recapitulation of the theme: Valse lente

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