Two new livestramings by Marcel Worms: Seasons (Tsjaikovsky, Vasks and Piazzolla)

The links to the livestreamings are as follows:



P.I.Tsjaikovsky (1840-1893)

The seasons

-January: At the Fireplace

-February: Carnaval

-March: Song of the Lark

-April: Snowflake

-May: Starry Night


-July: Song of the Mower

-August: Harvest

-September: The Hunt

-October: Autumn Song

-November: Troika

-December: Christmas

Peteris Vasks (* 1946)

From: Gadalaiki (Seasons)

-Zaja alnava (Green scenery, Summer, 2008)

Astor Piazzolla (1921 – 1992)

Estaciones porteñas (Seasons in Buenos Aires)

Verano Porteño (Summer in Buenos Aires, 1965)

Otoño Porteño (Autumn in Buenos Aires, 1970)

Invierno Porteño (Winter in Buenos Aires, 1969)

Primavera Porteña (Spring in Buenos Aires, 1970)

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