Two livestreamconcerts on Marcels’ YouTubechanell

Music to console: the less known Mozart and Schubert

The links for the concerts are the following:

for the 11:00 concert:–qU

for the 20:00 concert:

You can also watch and listen to the concerts afterwards


W.A.Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Prelude and Fugue in C major KV 394 

Adagio b minor KV 540 

Rondo D major  KV 485 

Menuetto D major KV 355 

Gigue G major KV 574

Allegro g minor KV 312 

Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)

Adagio G major D.178  

Ungarische melodie (Hungarian Melody) D.817  

Allegretto c minor D.915  

Deutsche Tänze (German Dances) D.783  


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