Diemen, Schuilkerk de Hoop: 26-09-2019

‘The well-tempered mind’, with writer and philosopher Jos Kessels

In this concert lecture, his argument about Bach’s life lessons will be interspersed with a performance of Preludes and Fugas from the Wohltemperierte Klavier. Jos Kessels reflects on the meaning of the music, how you can listen to it and what she has to say about “the tempered mind”. Music is much more than an abstract pattern of moving sound, it is an expression of ideas, emotions and human attitudes. They naturally form a story, a personal myth, in which the question of “the good life” and its own interpretation plays a central role. Bach has a lot to say about that, if you listen carefully.
Faithfulness about ‘The well-tempered mind’: “The emphasis on polite experience and mental growth sounds liberating in the dominant discourse of objectivity and scientificity.”
De Volkskrant on ‘The Well-Tempered Mind’ (4 stars): “Thanks to Bach’s music, Jos Kessels can re-experience his personal history and turn it into a story.”


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