Amsterdam, Huize Lydia

Concert with Dancesuites by Bach, Händel, Graupner and Schulhoff

Bach and Graupner composers wrote a considerable number of  Partitas or Suites, series  of dances that were fashionable in their time. The more complex and polyphonic  style of Bach shows a sharp contrast with the more simple and elegant way in which Graupner composes the dances. In their time Graupner was as famous as Bach in Germany. He fell into oblivion, mainly because his works remained in the possession of the court at Darmstadt for which Graupner had been working for most part of his life. However his works for clavier merit to be heard more often. Also Händel wrote a number of dance suites with great rhytmic vitality: on today’s program you can hear the one in e minor, nr.4. Finally Erwin Schulhoff in his Suite dansante en jazz let us hear the dances that were popular in the first half of the 20th Century.

Adress: Roelof Hartplein 2a, Amsterdam
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