New double-cd by Marcel Worms: partita’s by Christoph Graupner and J.S.Bach

On my new double-CD  I combine 7 partita’s by Christoph Graupner with  2 partita’s by J.S.Bach (nr.2 and nr.6). 

These partita’s have been composed more or less at the same time. However the difference in style can be clearly heard: Bach sticks to the older polyfonic way of composing while Graupner is more inclined to the galant style which is lighter and more elegant. Graupner has unjustly nearly fallen into oblivion while Bach is considered as the patriarch of Western classical music. During their lifetime however both composers were equally famous in Germany. Graupner has been in the service of the court of Darmstadt for about half a century. Because the counts of Darmstadt considered all of Graupners’ compositions as their property his works weren’t published and were not performed outside the walls of the palace. By the time Graupners compositions had become public property his name was almost completely forgotten. Time for a rehabilitation!

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