Vienna and Budapest 3 – 6 April 2019


386. April 3, 2019: concert with viola player Ásdis Valdímarsdottír at Die Alte Schmiede in Vienna:







387. Sibyl Urbancic, the daughter of the Austrian composer Victor Urbancic, congratulates Asdis on the premiere of the ‘Phantasie und Fuge’ (1937) by her father.






388. With Cara on the Danube in Budapest

389. With Asdis at the Budapest station








390. Statue of Bela Bártok in the garden of his house in Budapest, where we played on 4 April

391. Cara in the Landtmann café in Vienna







392. With Asdis, Cara, ambassador René van Hel and a friend at the Central cafe in Budapest