Prague and Theresiënstadt (Terezin) – 19 to 23 June 2008

performance at the residence of the Dutch Embassy in Prague for Dutch survivors of Theresiënstadt with music by Viktor Ullmann and Gideon Klein, composed in Theresiënstadt.

in Theresiënstadt at the memorial plaque for the Dutch prisoners in this ghetto, just after the unveiling of it by the Dutch Ambassador, Jan Lucas van Hoorn. I make recordings for a documentary from the Jewish broadcaster.

scores and letters from Viktor Ullmann in the Museum of Theresienstadt.

with the Czech singer Olga Cerna on the Vltava in Prague.

Theresiënstadt, Kulturni Dom – in this room the concerts took place during the Second World War, including the numerous performances of the opera Burundibar by Hans Krasa.

with Olga Cerna after our performance of the ‘Lieder des Abschieds’ by Erich Wolfgang Korngold at the same concert in Theresiënstadt.

performance of the 7th Sonata by Viktor Ullmann at the ‘Festival Forbidden Music’ in Theresiënstadt. Ullmann completed his last work in August 1944, two months before his deportation to Auschwitz, where he was immediately murdered.