The Complete Musical Works Of Agnes Jama - Challenge Records CC 72192

Recorded in: The Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Recording dates : 13 and 14 February 2008
Recording and music director : Bert van der Wolf
Montage and mastering : Bert van der Wolf
Production : Soesja Citroen and Marcel Worms

Marcel Worms – piano
other musicians:
Soya Lemon (vocals)
Irene Maessen (soprano)
Helena Rasker (mezzo-soprano)
Ursula Schoch (violin)
Ivar Berix (clarinet)
Daniƫl Esser (cello)

-Sonatin for piano (1942)
-3 songs for voice and piano (1953, lyrics by Jil de la Rie)
-Suite for violin and piano (1952)
-Vocatio for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano (1971)
-Sonate for cello and piano (ca. 1957)
-Song for Ma (1997), music and lyrics by Soesja Citroen, a homage to her mother Agnes Jama