Rosy Wertheim – Chamber Music - Future Classics 102

Included in : The Bethaniënklooster and in the Uilenburger Synagogue in Amsterdam
Recording dates : December 15, 2008, February 1 and 2, 2009, December 5, 2009, and January 13, 2010
Recording and music director : Bert van Dijk, Helix Audio
Montage and mastering : Bert van Dijk
Production : Jeff Hamburg

(Trois Morceaux was previously recorded on the CD Treasures (FutureClassics 052), Trois Chansons comes from the CD Reflections (Future Classics 063) and the Sonatine for cello and piano from the CD Modern Times (Channel Classics CCS 7995) < / i>

Leo Smit Ensemble
Irene Maessen – soprano
Eleonore Pameijer – flute
Lars Wouters van den Oudenwijer – clarinet
Remko Edelaar – bassoon
Ursula Schoch – violin
Ásdis Valdimarsdóttir – viola
Michael Stirling – cello
Marcel Worms – piano
Utrecht String Quartet
Doris Hochscheid – cello / Frans van Ruth – piano (Sonatine for cello and piano)
Marja Bon (in Trois Chansons)

Rosy Wertheim (1888 – 1949)
-Sonate for violin and piano, listen 30 seconds to part 1
-Le Tsigane dance la lune for soprano, violin and piano, listen 30 seconds
-String Quartet
-Trois chansons for soprano, flute and piano, listen 30 seconds
-La chanson déchirante for soprano, flute and piano
-Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon
-Six morceaux for piano, listen 30 seconds
-Four songs on Dutch lyrics
-Two songs on German lyrics, listen 30 seconds from ‘Es rauscht und es rauscht’ for soprano and piano
-Sonatin for cello and piano
-Trois Morceaux for flute and piano, listen 30 seconds
– Three plays for “Lancelot” for flute, violin, viola and cello