Jazz in 20th-Century Piano Music - BVHAAST 9403

Recording : Icebreaker, Amsterdam, December 20 – 24, 1993
Recording : Chris Weeda
Music direction : Alban Wesly, Eduard Wesly, Martijn Padding, René Eckhardt
Cover : Ceseli Josephus Jitta
Design : Lie Good

All pieces on this CD are influenced to a greater or lesser extent by jazz music. In addition to classics such as the 3 Preludes by Gershwin and the Ragtime by Strawinsky, lesser-known modern-classical works can also be heard.

Darius Milhaud – 3 Rag Caprices
Igor Strawinsky – Ragtime
Paul Hindemith – Ragtime from ‘Suite 1922’
Erwin Schulhoff – 5 Etudes de Jazz
Martijn Padding – Blend
Jean Wiéner – Rêve
Theo Loevendie – On the train
Morton Gould – Boogie-Woogie Etude: listen
Charles Ives – 3 Improvisations
George Antheil – Jazz Sonata
George Gershwin – 3 Preludes
Frederic Rzewski – Which side are you on?