Francis Poulenc – Complete Works for piano and wind instruments (with ‘Groupe des Sept’) - Emergo Classics EC 3947-2

Recording : Live in the English Church Amsterdam – November 29, 1995
Recording leader : Harmen de Boer
Recording : Steven Kampmeijer
Editing and mastering : Erik Sikkema
Piano technique : Albertien de Pater
Design : Joyce van Pelt

The complete work for piano and wind instruments by Francis Poulenc.

Listen to the first part of ‘sextuor’ of the CD

Whistle sonata, oboe sonata and clarinet sonata
Elegie for horn and piano
‘Vilanelle’ for pipeau and piano
Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano
Sextet for piano and wind quintet.

Performers: Derek Moore – flute (whistle sonata)
Peter Verduyn Lunel – flute (Sextet)
Eduard Wesxly – oboe
Winny Pollard – clarinet
Alban Wesly – bassoon
Teunis van der Zwart – horn
Marcel Worms – piano